The Last Tower:
A book by Brian Oxley

Imagine a sinister threat is looming, whose potential for malice is barely discernible…for now.

A series of destruc­tive waves – shocks to the world system – takes place during the first two decades of the new millennium that initially appears to have no connection. But the ensuing shock waves do not pass and fade. They grow and converge to undermine our confidence in the entire world order.

Five friends begin to creatively imagine the results of a world dominated by a leadership with a hidden agenda. Peppering the conversation with stories that illustrate their hopes and fears, they engage in a charged dialogue. Hearts and minds confront one another to find glimmers of Truth and the unsettling possibility of supernatural involvement. More than a prophetic fable, it’s a call for some soul-searching introspection. And hey, it’s just five regular guys at the Star Diner engaged in a little…spirited discussion. We’re just talking…

This updated version contains a new epilogue by Brian Oxley that connects the trends identified in the first edition with the forces that produced the shocking results of the 2016 election. As Donald Trump, a proud and powerful man known for his great towers, rises to lead a nation, the supposedly fictional scenarios detailed in The Last Tower take on an even greater significance.